Mar 31, 2017

How do I build a canvas in the slide using a javascript script in a trigger object?  I have tried to place a <canvas></canvas> into the slide document innerHTML, however it doesn't seem to work?  Any advice would be appreciated.  (Using Story Line 2) Colman 

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Adam Hoe

Hi Colman,

As far as I know, you can add a <canvas> tag by way of your JS Trigger. However, it will not be contained within the slide itself but rather the parent .html document. If someone does know how to target a specific slide, i would be interested to know as well.

What you might try is to embed the canvas object within a page as a Web Object. You can create a separate index.html file containing the canvas content. Then, embed that into your Storyline page by way of Insert > Web Object. Select the local folder containing the index.html file and import it onto your slide.


Ben Sewell

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