Captivate swf will not hug left margin on web object

Good morning heroes!

I've got a question that is causing me no manner of headaches and I'm sure there is probably a simple answer that I'm just not finding.

I am inserting a software simulation built in Captivate into a web object for presenter due to the whole AS3 incompatibilities.  It works but for some reason when the swf appears in Presenter it has about a 60-70px margin on the left hand side.

I used some basic CSS to try and change the margin to '5px', which works for the top margin, but for some reason has absolutely no effect on the left margin. See below for image plus CSS script

CSS is set as:

body {
margin: 5px;
padding: 0px;

Has anyone encountered this and had any success in shifting the left margin?

I've attached the full index.htm file for reference.

Thanks for any assistance

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