Career path of an ID

Mar 31, 2014


I am currently working as an ID in a small company in UAE. My boss recently asked me about my goals and career path. In the previous companies that I worked in, the career path of an ID was not well defined. Can someone provide me with a well defined career path for an ID?

I would love to hear your opinions on this.

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Ashley Chiasson

In my experience, the career path has been: Junior ID, Intermediate ID, Senior ID, and each 'level' in the hierarch has increasing responsibilities. Additionally, you may wish to become an e-learning project manager or an ID Consultant, and those are just a couple of options. Really, it's up to you and where you want to go within your career, but if you're employer is asking for your opinion, it seems to show that they care about helping you achieve your career goals!

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