Celebrating Articulate Storyline 2 - Motion Paths

Sep 19, 2014

It is really tempting to get the Motion Path ideas work in Storyline.

Sharing a tab template to celebrate SL's new feature.

Do let me know, if you find it useful.

See it in action here



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Shawna Murray

Thanks Kawstov for your patience, I got it sorted.  FYI there was no Storyline file showing in the unzipped folder.  I had to open it from inside Storyline and change some of the settings on my computer.  I have opened other downloads before so maybe its something to do with the magic of the motion?! Anyway I am playing with it now! :) 

Shawna Murray

Yeah! I have had a play with this file and am having good results.  One question though - How can I remove the header 'Tab - Motion Path' from the published version (top left hand corner on screen dump attached).  I have checked in properties and it doesn't display when I'm working on it, just when being previewed?  Thank you :)

Kawstov FLIP

Dear Shawna,


Lovely improvisation.

You can change the header by changing the Title of the Storyfile, while publishing it.

You can do either of them:

A. By clicking on Player button. 


B. Changing the title while publishing



My SL2 trial got over so could not attach the screenshots.





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