Challenge #196: Designing Adaptive Learning Paths

Apr 14, 2018

E-learning heroes,

This is my second entry in the challenges: [ ]

This week’s challenge spoke to me because (1) I have been thinking about rebranding a (very) old security piece I did years ago, and (2) I had some great audio resources left over from a similar project that I’ve rescued from the (virtual) cutting room floor.

The demo begins by requiring all learners to complete a pre-assessment in the form of three questions about information security best practices. Depending on the user’s choices (a perfect score is needed to avoid remediation) learners will continue on to explore a virtual environment or a remediation activity explaining specific security breaches and their financial and reputational consequences.

The slide containing the adaptive learning fork is marked, as are the slides containing the adaptive learning path itself.

Title / Course Map – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Course overview in map format introducing 4 environments and 2 unknown risks


Environment 1 – Corporate HQ Introduction – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Guided multiple choice with adaptive learning branching

Environment 1 – Corporate HQ Remediation Path

INTERACTION TYPE – Adaptive learning path introducing and reinforcing concepts related to information security through examples of security breaches, causes, and impacts.

Environment 1 – Corporate HQ Conclusion – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Stop motion character with narration

Course Map – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Course overview in map format showing course progress

Environment 2 – Human Resources – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Explore and discover with branching to two-tiered multiple-choice assessments for security threat identification

Course Map / Demo Conclusion – All learners

INTERACTION TYPE – Course overview in map format showing course progress

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James Addoms

Hey David - I didn't build this out past the demo ending, but a lot of my recent projects have been "forced success" reporting, so the grade to the LMS is either 100% or complete, depending on client preference. I built this demo so learners can't move forward until they eventually get a correct answer, but I think I could use the variable structure that forks the learner to the adaptive content with xAPI reporting to capture that the fork was explored.

David Anderson

Hey James! I've updated the challenge recap to feature your example:

To help everyone following the challenges see your cool example, can you post a link to this forum thread and your published example in the comments section in the challenge:

That will notify everyone in the challenge to check out your example.

James Addoms

David, thank you! That's a great idea. I probably won't create a separate post for each challenge I do, but I thought it would be cool to deep-dive on this one and wanted a place to put the screenshots and commentary. I didn't think the challenge article itself was a good place to do that, but I'll certainly post a link to this page on the challenge page. I'm glad you found this interesting. Thank you!

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