Character Profile Sheets

Mar 03, 2017

Quite a few years back I came across a super resource for capturing details of your stories/scenarios. I believed it was called a character profile sheet and I remember it being a word document.  It was similar to, but not quite what I can find today related to characters in video game development (lots of resources there, but not what I'm looking for). Unfortunately, I left that role 5 years ago, and I cannot find the resource.

Contained in the document were some of the following (again, it's about 7 or 8 years ago now):

  • photo (so you can visualize or know what character you were using
  • name, age, DOB, marital status, family status, gender, weight, everything personal about this character, economic status, personality traits, nicknames etc.
  • work information - history, where they come from, 
  • family information / connections 
  • situations they thrive in, where they have challenges etc.
  • I believe I added an area in the document so that I could capture the different modules I used the character in and a brief synopsis of the "story" they were in.

Do any of you have anything you can share with me?

***Purpose*** I'm providing a tutorial to some staff who are very new to development, storytelling and scenarios. I'd like to show them some examples so we can look at creating a standard document for our organization.

Thanks so much for any input you may have. I appreciate it.

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Richard Watson



You might try contacting Jerson Campos. He might have one or be able to point you to something close.

He and Jeff Golman were talking about this a few years back here:

Probably not exactly what you are looking for but at least it's something. :)



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