Click and Reveal: What do you think?

Nov 10, 2023


I created this activity for a client project about blood glucose and nutrition. I created it in Storyline and embedded it in Rise My client loved it (I do too)!

I consider it a click-and-reveal, but I think it's fun. I missed the opportunity to share it for the eLearning Challenges, but I would love feedback. Click each of the foods for the reveal.

This little activity is a real testament to how far my skills have come learning from everyone in the community! 

Let me know what you think.

Thank you,


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Judy Nollet

Overall, I think this is nicely programmed. 

For me, though, the chart is confusing. A blood-glucose level is about the amount of sugar in the blood. That level changes over time. The chart does show that the level goes up based on the food consumed. But the bar is labeled "Hours" along the side, which makes it look like the level goes up in increments of hours. Also, the level sometimes go higher than the highest number of hours. 

At the least, I'd suggest deleting the "Hours" labeling. That would let the interaction reveal a general idea of which foods increase blood glucose the most. As needed, the text on the layer could refer to how long the level stays up.

Even better would be to use a line chart that shows the level changes over time (that is, what's the level at 1 hour, at 2 hours, etc.). However, I realize that would require more data, which you may or may not have. 

In any case, it's nice to see your continual improvement using Storyline! All the effort you put into learning the tool and trying new interactions is paying off. 

Best wishes for continued success!

Robin Wooten

I really like the way you used color/grayscale to highlight the choices. Raspberries say they increase the most but the pasta actually did via the chart. I wonder if quantity should be a part of it too. It is hard to make comparisons, isn't it? I agree - seems like more data is needed or a different type of chart. In any case - it is VERY engaging and I just LIKE the whole feel of it. When you get it done - it is going to be exceptional!

Kandice Kidd


Thank you so much! This was the first draft, and I did have to edit the wording because the SME did say that fruit increase it the most, but then said that pasta would have a huge spike.

Regarding Judy's comment about over hours, the SME told me that certain foods spike your blood sugar immediately, while others spike it, and then it continues to increase.