Client wants more animation with photos

Mar 08, 2011

I'I am creating a 15 minute Articulate presentation that will be used by individuals and also shown to small groups in a workshop setting. We are not using clip art, only photos.

I know how to use annimations in PowerPoint, yet they are not giving me the 'look' the client wants.

Can I have a Flash developer create an animation and then isert it? What it seems they want is for there to be a picture on the screen (not full screen) and then for there to panning into detail on the picture. Something ike you'd see in video that include still shots.

Also any other ideas for creating a 'more polished look' would be appreciated.

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Marcia,

Can you give more detail about what you mean about "panning into detail"?  There are definitely some neat pan & zoom tricks that you can right in Powerpoint.  David Anderson does a couple of neat Screenr's about this type of thing:


And here:

Let us know if this is what you are trying to accomplish.

Search out Stephanie (slhice) on screenr as well.  She has some nice effects, a Ken Burns type effect among others.

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