Community Building Best practices

Mar 01, 2017

Hello there!

My team is in process of pivoting from focusing solely on instructional design to using a Community to engage learners. As we embark on benchmarking best-in-class communities who leverage a community model to help software users learn, eLearning Heroes comes up time and again.  

How can we in learning disciplines take the best practices that eLearning Heroes has learned over time and apply them to our own learning communities? Does Articulate share best practices on building community and benchmarking? Would love any tips or opportunities to gain insight.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Sarah: If you are interested in communities of practice (COP), you might dig into Etienne Wenger's stuff. In particular his Cultivating Communities of Practice.

Why is elearning heroes so successful? My brief take:

1. Community managers build and then give valuable assets away. You know, like for like free.

2. Articulate supports it. Talented community managers (fill in your favorite name here) don't work for free.

3. Articulate recognizes participants who give of their time and talent.

4. It's a relatively safe space to share your work and get noticed.




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