Compliance Training Made Fun? Sample for ELH Challenge #73

Hi guys,


Recently I participated in the one of the most fun challenges of the ELH Challenge series. ELH Challenge #73 was about creating a concept for an elearning course with an "odd" title.   The response was overwhelming with most folks submitting multiple samples.  My submission was title "50 Shades of Compliance Training" and some folks have shown interest in using it for their compliance course development.  Therefore, I'm using this post to share the file and cover the basics of the development.  By the way, you can view the original here which has audio since I'm not distributing the soundtrack with this file.


The title begins with 4 characters which definitely feel the same way we do about boring compliance training (YAWN).  They are animated to first yawn and then pass out into dreamland.  There are two way to accomplish this.  For Storyline2 beginners I would recommend the first method and for those wanting to make things a bit more complex the second one.


This approach is very simple, just add the character images and aligned them in the time line to follow each other accordingly. 

Arranging images on timeline to simulate character movement.


I chose the second approach because it looks smoother in the transition from one character position i.e. yawning to the next i.e. sleep.  You can achieve this by selecting a character image and creating two other States (go here if you need to learn about States).  Then create triggers to change from one state to the next base on a specific point in the timeline.  I used the "When timeline reaches"  setting in Storyline2  which allows to you set it to a specific time value in the timeline.

Different character States


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