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Keith Williams

Hi Tom,

Fantastic to see you are awarded this honour. Thank you for being the first elearning post I read for inspiration each day.

You have made Articulate the number 1 leader worldwide with your consistent posts to our community.

Without you we just would not have a leader who can both provide a wealth of knowledge to both seasoned and new creators of online learning opportunities, or just be there to make these Articulate solutions just 'come alive'.

Australia and I salute your efforts tonight, Tom.

Kindest regards for working together in 2013.


Mereki White

That's awesome Tom!  So well deserved, and you know I bet you are a great leader too, the proof is in the style and quality of the rest of your champions.

Thanks for the whole team.... I don't get to play in e-learning too often any more, but when I do, these forums are inevitable my first stop for support and inspiration. 

PS - I still have a batch of lamingtons waiting for you when you make it to Australia! 

PPS - Nice to see Cathy Moore there too, and a few other names I don't recognise but will suss out more in my quest for knowledge.

Shwetha Bhaskar

Congratulations Tom! I still distinctly recall how great the Articulate workshop you did in NYC a couple of years ago was - the energy and passion you have for the field is inspiring and contagious. And yay you share so generously -I do so look forward to your blog posts and insights!Super well-deserved honor for a bonafide e-learning hero! (you should have been #1 on that list in my book

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