Contract work available for risk & intelligence modules

Jan 24, 2022

I'm a specialist in intelligence, risk & compliance, based in Australia. I have a number of online course in development, looking for a designer to partner up with to improve the look & feel of the modules. Aim is to get these onto a more modern format & with better graphics / interactivity, then onto Thinkific. Plus, I'm selling some programs directly to local government here in Australia. I'm looking to partner with someone who is professional, listens carefully, pays attention to detail & delivers as agreed. More info about myself & the programs is available at and Contact me at lj.young AT if you're interested.    

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Lisa Young


I'm afraid your friends are just going to have to be a bit patient.

The first request three months ago generated nothing. This one generated a
lot, all with different questions and requests for meetings, so it will take
hours to do those responses.

I'm in a new job & competing an online Harvard course right now, with a
major deadline in a few days. Besides, I did indicate the work wasn't time

Thanks, Lisa