Convert plain text course (pdf) to interactive and engaging

Please advise me how do i proceed with creating a text based course into something highly interactive and engaging course in Storyline 2.

I already have eye-catching template ready.

I need suggestions in what ways i could make course interactive.What elements should i incorporate?


I have attached the pdf file.

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Matthew Bibby

Hi Abhishek,

There are lots of different ways that you can create interactive and engaging courses. I recommend you spend some time reading over some of the resources that Articulate have available, such as their ebooks and tutorials. There is also some wonderful stuff on The Rapid E-Learning Blog that will help you figure out the best way to proceed with your project. All the best.

Bob S

Hello Abhishek,

Matthew has offered some great resources. Awesome starting point.

In addition, I might offer the specific suggestions....

Based on your enclosed document that you not consider a single course. Instead break it up into 3 or 4 shorter courses. There is plenty of content there to justify this split and even more so if you want to incorporate interactivity (which naturally takes more time than just plain reading).

You have LOTS of great material to create things like pseudo scenarios such as "what's wrong with this situation?"  type of interactions for the security module, and "which would you do" for the showing module for example.

But remember... interactivity, while we all strive for it, is a means to an end.  Start by going back and asking yourself "If they can only take a way a few tangible and specific things from this course, what would I want them to be?"   The answer to that question is where you want to focus your interactivity efforts.


Hope this helps and good luck!

Ian Blake

Hi. I recommend having a look at Caty Moore's blog and in particular scenarios: . From a brief read of the PDF I would build a course with scenarios (Challenge - Options - Consequences - Feedback) and developing a good job aid that they can either print out or keep on their phone / tablet.

Focus on what they need to do and help them to do it. Good luck!