Converting course to German or French from English


I need few information on behavior of Articulate presenter, Quiz maker and engage interactions if I want to convert my course fromEnglish to German or French? 

Actually, I have created one course for my client in English. Now my client wants me to convert this course into two languages -French and German.

As I have never done any course in other languages than English. Could you please help me out by suggesting some pro and cons.I need to reply to my client quick on this? So it will be very helpful if you suggest me that can I convert the courses in French andGerman, without facing any problem? Is quiz maker and Engage easily convert text.

Please help me out.

Thanks & Regards,
Nitesh Jain

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Bartlomiej Polakowski

As far as I know in Presenter you will have to replace any single line of text (there is no one xml file with everything) Each slide is published as a seperate swf file so it would be hard to automatize. I think it's the same with Engage and QM.

The only thinkg that is easily translateable is the menu.