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Jul 17, 2017


I wanted to get some tips on how to build navigation in Storyline 2 other than the default course player available. 

What are the steps required to disable the default player and add a new navigation to Storyline 2.

any help will be appreciated.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Gini, I can help! Try this:

  • Remove the default Previous/Next buttons in Story View. Select a group of slides (Shift + click to select a group), then un-check the Previous and Next options in the Slide Properties panel. You can even go completely chromeless for a really sleek design. :)
  • Insert your own custom navigation buttons on the slide, and add triggers to jump to the next and previous slides when the user clicks the buttons. 

Best of luck with your project!

Ragini Kadam

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you so much  for your reply.

This worked so well!

Also wanted to find out how to restrict user navigation till the user clicks/views all tabs or buttons onscreen..

Generally the navigation is such that the users click next and complete the course without actually going through the course material. Also the LMS does not track such detailed activity...

Any help in this area would be appreciated





Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Gini,

This article explains how to disable the next button until the user has completed everything you want him/her to do. It's written for Storyline 1, but the logic is the same. To do this with your custom next button, you would want to change the default state of your button to Disabled or Hidden. Then when the user completes everything, you would have triggers mark a variable as complete. When this variable is changed, another trigger can change the state of the next button to Normal.

Hope that helps!


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