Creating a "sound studio" for recordings

Jul 23, 2012

I remember seeing something (and I thought it was posted here or in Tom's e-learning blog) about setting up an inexpensive sound studio to do audio recording...but of course, now when I need it, I can't find that post anywhere.  I'm wondering if people can direct me to good sources for recording audio.  I'm specifically looking for how to set up your physical environment to do the recording, but I'd happily take any tips, tricks or related links related to recording audio.

Thanks for your help!


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David Celaya

I use a version of what is at the link that I made myself. Carboard box that was laying around, lined the walls with some egg carton like foam material. Not sure how acoustically sound absorbing it is, but it gets the job done. Im my opinion, when your doing these "mic in a box" type recordings, the silence of the room is the most important factor. Finding a room that doesnt have people talking near it, no noise from passing cars, trains, planes, etc. The biggest problem Ive found is almost all rooms in our office environment have AC hum. You really dont notice it, until you sit silently in a room. With my setup, Im able to get a pretty clean recording with the mic in the box I put together, the quietest room I could find, and Audacity recording input level set real low, about level 2. Good luck!

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