Creating an interactive maze in Storyline

Hi, all:

I've been working on a game-based approach to creating several remedial math modules for a MOOC. One of the ideas bandied about was to have the learners traverse a maze of math questions. I found a site that produces math mazes where the learner must find his/her way from the top of the maze to the bottom following a path of correct answers. Here's a link to one of the mazes I created:

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I might go about creating this maze interaction--of even if it is possible in Storyline.

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Yes, this could be done. I recently did a "decision tree" modeled after a visio diagram that was similar in many ways to this.

Set up your equation slides and have the possible answers on doors. Link each answer door to the appropriate slide. Maybe have a Minotaur show his head every so often, just for fun.