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Jul 12, 2016

I've got a course where I give learners the opportunity to complete a set of optional activities. If they only look at the information but don't complete the activity they get a yellow check mark. If they complete the associated activity they get a green check mark. There is a next button that does not appear unless users at a minimum view each of the sections. They have the option of completing related activities to information presented in a given section. My problem is that if users complete the Key office locations activity and change the checkmark to green then only view all the other sections. The hidden next button does not appear. I've just spent most of the day trying to fix this and I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

I've attached a copy of my storyline for anyone to review. 

Here's a link to the original post in case anyone wants to see other responses from that group.

Jesse Kramer

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Jesse, To make the trigger formula on your training room slide (1.6) next/exit button more simple I would recommend that you:

1. add a change state trigger to the home button on each of the six course areas that learner need to complete;

2. add and set the home button to a new disabled state (ie shown in a light grey) and change the existing 'jump to slide 1.6' trigger to include the condition that 'only if home button equals Normal'.

3. add a change state trigger to the home button to change state to normal when minimum condition for that area of the course is met.

4. plus add a change state trigger to the home button to change state to normal when whole activity is completed (as needed, for slides where activity is an 'or' fn of the minimum steps).

This way learners will only get back to 1.6 if they have met either the minimum or whole activity.  Once learner has been to all six areas can then trigger next button regardless of whether completed minimum or whole activity in different parts of course. 

5. to do this I would put a change state of exit button on 1.6 to 'normal' if variable 'visited' equals 6 or more.  ie create a new variable titled 'visited' and Add a +1 increment on variable 'visited' on start of timeline of each of the entryway slides to the six areas of your course.

Hope this helps.  Christine

Jesse Kramer

I just wanted to provide an update to my little problem which I was able to solve. It was sort of a hodge podge of everyone's advice here. I created a true/false variable for each of my sections (History, Folder) and created a trigger that when met changed it's state to true. Then I created another trigger to change the state of the exit to change to visible when each of the variables was true. I also changed all of this to happen when the timeline starts as was pointed out in an earlier response to my question. I also realized that I had a some extra triggers that might have been muddying the water so I deleted everything and started from scratch on this slide and worked perfectly. I've tested with a number of people in my organization and I'm ready to deploy my course. Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. 

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