Daily Affirmation - Delivering a Date Driven Message

Jul 24, 2019

My company has an interesting practice of beginning every meeting or training session by reading together 1 of 10 corporate principles as determined by the last digit of the date.  So for days ending in 1, you read the 1st principle. For days ending in 2, the 2nd. For days ending in 0, the 10th.  

I decided to carry the practice into the WBT courses I'm developing using a little JavaScript to pull the date and isolate the day. Then by evaluating it and turning it into an array, I can drive the delivery of 3 messages: The Day, The Principle Number, and The Principle. 

To make it shareable,  I've substituted the corporate principles with a DAILY AFFIRMATION!!!! 
You can view it here daily to get some positive vibes.

Attached is the SL360 .story file so you can see the code.

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