Data input - line graph output interactive tool

Feb 23, 2022


I have found a thread about this from about 8 years ago and wondered if anyone had anything more recent the could offer. I want to find a way for students to input data into a table (like Excel) and have a line graph output. Either in Storyline or creating a similar thing with some online tool and embedding it in Rise.

Lt has a function for this (see attached image) but the department I work for wants to move away from it. I am not tech enough to create something in the Google developers area. Any ideas?!

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Hamish! Thanks for posting your question here! I don't recall seeing any specific examples that function like an excel sheet, but I have seen these examples of interesting ways the community is using interactive charts and graphs in their courses.

If the data learners need to input are very specific numbers, you might be able to use numeric entry fields and then have the data points and lines animate in when they type the correct number. Just an idea. Perhaps the community might have other ideas they can share that is similar to what you're looking to do.