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Nov 02, 2017

Hi...I'm working on a branched software simulation that has 6 learning modules. Right now I have each branch set up as a separate scene. After each module I want to award a badge on the Navigation screen. Originally I set a trigger so that when the user clicks on the navigation button it changes the state of the badge from hidden to visible. The problem is that the transition from the navigation screen to the first slide in each scene is just slow enough so that the user can see the badge appear before the transition completes. I have checked the transition tab, and I have set all of them to "None."

I've also tried placing an object on the last slide in the module that adjusts a variable when clicked (numeric, add value of 1 when object clicked), then set a trigger on the navigation slide to change the state of the badge to visible when the variable is equal to "1." I tested the variable to make sure it works (it does), but it's not triggering the state change on the navigation slide.

Any thoughts?

I would add a file as an attachment, but it's a pretty big file. I may be able to copy a portion into a different file if it would make it easier.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Eric Bryant

Hi Eric, for the state change trigger, I'm using a variable change. I've created a numeric variable that increases by a value of 1 when the user clicks an object. I've then set up a state change trigger that changes the state of the badge when the value of the variable equals 1. I've tested that the variable works by inserting a variable reference field into the slides (when I click the object, the reference changes from "0" to "1"), so the issue seems to be with the state change trigger.

As I was writing this, it just hit me that I may need to change the position of the state change trigger. It may be too high in the trigger list...would that make a difference? I have a LOT of triggers in this slide.

Sean Speake

Another way to do it.

On your nav slide, have a trigger to change the state of the badge to normal when timeline starts if variable=1.

On the last slide of the of the module/scene have a trigger to change the variable to 1.

Then, when you're navigating off the nav screen the badge won't appear (variable is not = to 1)

When you come back to the nav screen, the timeline will start again, executing the trigger to show the badge.

That should resolve the issue.

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