[Demo] Conway's Game of Life

Jan 14, 2022

Hi everyone.

By creating triggers to loop back to the start of the timeline once the end is reached, you can create a simple 'for' loop. I've put together a little demo to show what kind of cool things can be done by using this method.


This opens a lot of possibilities for what can be achieved without resorting to Javascript. I've also made a tic-tac-toe game which uses the same principle.

I'd love to hear other ideas for what we could do with this, or what you have done using similar 'tricks'.


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Bianca Woods

Hi Nicholas,

It's always so cool to see what sort of interesting things people can create with just triggers and variables! Your demo was quite amusing to play (love the Game Boy screen frame!) and since Conway's Game of Life was new to me you also sent me down a great Google rabbit hole so I could learn more about it.