[DEMO] Metro Menu Template

Apr 17, 2013

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I contributed something useful to the community, so here it goes...

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Don't forget to rate, comment, share, and most of all, enjoy!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Sure Mark,

The story file contains 9 "sections" (1 section per scene).

The Menu resides in the Slide Master (in a single layout slide). A menu button in the base layer (so you can easily customise as you wish) and the actual menu content in layers.

Some of the layers may appear duplicate - and indeed they are. This is because I wanted to create that extra 1 second exit animation you can't easily have in Storyline otherwise (technically, you can, but you have to do some very tricky stuff - which I wasn't sure would "translate" very well inside the slide master itself).

So to "ease the pain" of having to edit some elements twice or ever 3 times (such as help and info text etc.) i used a text variable for each, so you can just copy-paste a fairly long paragraph. Use TextAbout and TextHelp for this.

I have done the same for section types also, since we sometimes name them differently (modules, chapters, scenes, etc). You can change text variable TextSectionType.

I have also included text variables for your section titles, although I have not inserted those in the Chapters layer buttons. But it is at your discretion to use those as well. These are labeled TextCh1 / TextCh9.

Finally, as you would expect, all of that is tied to the actual slides of the story file.

Hope this helps,

Alphonso Hendricks

Alexandros, I think your work is stunning. I have just spent the entire weekend adapting your metro menu template to a course that I had to present. My finished product looked so professional and all thanks to you. I am surprised that there are so few on this excellent demo.  

thanx once again for sharing.


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