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Jeanette Brooks

Really nice demo, Alexandros! Thanks for sharing! Regarding the offsets: yah, sometimes there are visual discrepancies between the authoring view and the preview/publish if your zoom in the authoring view is set to something other than 100%. In your case it sounds like things look as expected if you author at 100%?

@Bruce - Your little Cavachon pup is so adorable.

@Dave - That is an awesome picture!

David Anderson

Hi Alexandros - I'm just now diving into your file. 

Whenever folks post demos, I always first imagine "how did they do it." I have to say I imagined an entirely different approach than what I'm looking at. One slide--that's impressive I imagined a couple slides with duplicate content to simulate some of the effects.

Nicely done!

Would you be up for recording a quick Screenr to give us an overview?

Des Kallas

Maybe I'm a little behind here, but I'm trying to apply this to a course I'm working on...and based on your example I've been able to add a 'click to zoom' button, but I also want a 'click to zoom out' button to get out of the zoomed in version. Still struggling to figure that one out. I'm not too familiar with variables yet so I'm not quite sure how to set up the zoom out portion, or to have the slide just reset. Help?

Alexandros Anoyatis

If memory serves right, there are two layers that pause.

The 1st layer pauses the timeline so an element can be clicked.
The 2nd (labeled 'zoom') also pauses the base layer timeline but it does so in the middle of the zoom region action (i.e.zoom in has been initiated). Once that 2nd layer hides (when clicking on a 'close' button on the layer) the zoom region action resumes from where it left of, thus carrying out the zoom out effect.

So the trick is to "strategically position the pause layer right in the middle of the zoom regions duration.

Hope this helps,

Des Kallas

Macu Train said:

Thanks Alex! I will play with it some more and see if I can't get it to work.

Well now that I've adjusted the pausing on the other layers, my slide will zoom in but the icons that are supposed to appear when zoomed in, disappear after a second or so. So you're not able to click on the 'zoom out' button anymore. Aaah! Also, before I changed everything, my zoom layer duration went to the very end of the slide, but as soon as I shortened it so that there is the zoom out portion, it freaks out and either still tries to zoom back out on its own, regardless of the pause layers, or it makes the other buttons disappear. I can attach the original file if that would be helpful. It's in a 'rough draft' state right now so it's not looking too pretty just yet.