[DEMO] - Old-fashioned children's "Flickbook"

Oct 25, 2012

So...an idea that occurred to me recently, and I wanted to see if it was possible, you remember...the bits of paper that you used to staple together and on each piece you drew a slightly different picture? Flick the lot with your thumb and you get a "mini-film"....

Old-fashioned 8mm film using storyline.

It's a bit of a labour of love to create given the number of elements involved, but absolutely nothing more complicated than 32 images, overlaid with 32 more images, all sequenced on the timeline and animated with In/Out fades, and the addition of Background images.

The frame-rate is a little less that original cine-film, however, not a bad approximation IMHO.

In this instance, precision of placement is actually not necessary, the slight "rough and ready" feel IMHO makes it seem a little more authentic.

This example is for use at the end of a course - beats the usual "Please press Exit..." spiel


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