[DEMO] - Return of "The Atsumi Twins" (a conversation on a slide)

Sep 18, 2012

Hi again.

This is a concept I love - based on something I dreamed up under the influence of far too much Absinthe last Xmas, an argument between "The Atsumi Twins". I have changed it to a debate between "Doug" and his conscience.

I have developed it a little into something that I have not really seen anywhere else, <Bruce gets bombarded with examples he should know about...>.

It's a neat way of having a "conversation" on one slide - I think it probably has multiple applications in many different areas that I cannot think of at the moment because it is late.

Anyway...a story on a slide - in 19.25 seconds, using the WONDERFUL feature that is Storyline "Zoom and Pan", (basically - magic that happens when 2 x Zoom areas touch on the Timeline...).

Screenr to explain the silliness is here.

Live long and prosper.


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Bruce Graham

Hi Jesse - thanks.

Insert > Zoom is simple enough in itself, though you have to realise that it is not "Magnify". The Zoomed area has to maintain the dimensions that the Player has, which can cause some issues in terms of what you can actually Zoom in on. You just insert it, and then use the Timeline to select position and length.

The fun comes when you join them together, touching, on the Timeline. When you do that, you get this "panning" effect, which I love.

Imagine a whole slide built around, for example, an HR-type conversation? You could have all kinds of conversational "branching" based on what is said, with lots of slides talking - getting to a good or bad resolution.

I think it's a feature that has TONS of possibilities.


Bruce Graham

Nick Hancock said:

I like this! Thanks for posting. I tried it out straight away. Great fun, when mixed with the illustrated characters with their different expressions and poses.

Given I've a meeting with HR about some possible courses this morning, could be really helpful too.




Timing is everything

Let me know how it goes.


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