Demonstrating a framework with zoom and animation

Aug 05, 2016

Hi all, 

I'm trying to explore a framework in a way that is very visual and not boring. I need to break the framework down into its 3 layers, so have cut and pasted the layers and trying to animate the different parts, use layers and all this needs to be done to a voiceover that speaks to the framework, its development and its components. Because I'm still a bit of a novice on Storyline 2, I'm having trouble doing this without having to trial and error over and over. I've attached what I have of the slide so far as well as an attachment of the framework. 

I need to show the socio-economic level first, followed by the individual with Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours, followed by the 5 sub-components, Making Choices, Getting Help, Money Management, Planning Ahead and lastly, Strategy. Ideally, it will all come together nicely piece by piece so you're looking at the complete framework at the end, having started at the highest level and worked your way down. Maybe even having the arrows in the framework light up as each piece comes together. 

I'd greatly appreciate any help or tips on how to achieve this without me having to trial and error for days, as I tend to do as a newbie. 

Much thanks!

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