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Oct 14, 2014

I've been interested in trying to mimic a digital publication look and feel with Articulate Storyline, but I'm having trouble defining this media type to clients.  I think the most common digital pubs are made with Adobe tools and delivered as apps to iPad, but I'm having poor luck finding a basic simple description of what it is.

A really great example is the National Geographic Magazine app, and there is a basic look at it here...

Another basic look at a digital pub...

There are some more examples on the Adobe site here...

Beyond these (not so great examples) I'm having trouble finding good examples of demos or reviews.  Can anyone point to some nice examples or descriptions of digital publications + interactive editions?

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Charles Hamper

I'm still interested!  Up to my neck in trying to do this at work right now.

Some of the Readymag magazine examples might make for good reference...

and if you wanted to create a digital magazine style resume, perhaps this inspiration...

Both of these linked examples I found here on the Hero blogs by the way.  Maybe from you David and or Mike.

Kimberly Valliere

Charles, I actually read an epub magazine on a plane this past weekend. I loved 3 of the layouts so much, I screen captured them on my iPad. The images are from the August-September edition of the Nat Geo Traveler. The functionality looks similar to the YT video you posted, though I really went after a layout focus that I can emulate with Storyline.

If you are really interested in trying out digital magazines to see if there are others you like, my suggestion is to see if your local library has a subscription. Mine has one to Zinio where I'm able to download titles like Nat Geo Traveler/Nat Geo/PC Mag/Men's Fitness/O/Good Housekeeping/Esquire/Forbes just to name a bunch for free.


Charles Hamper

Thanks Kimberly!

I'll be looking into subscription services from my library, that's a great find.  Hopefully I can get a look at the Nat Geo Traveler.  And many others too.

I've amassed a nice folder full of screen grabs and images I found for inspiration, and I refer to it all the time.  It's such a great way to get past the blank page and into something fun.

Dianne  Hope

I started a Pinterest board on "Digital Learning Magazine Design" to collect inspirational ideas for the challenge -

Perhaps we could share some on the E-Learning Heroes board - 

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