Does Instructional Design really need a new name?

Recently I read a great blog post from Connie Malamed ( wherein she made a pretty compelling case for renaming Instructional Design (ID) with a more contemporary acronym that encompasses our understanding of the needs and motivations of learners—Learning Experience Design or LX Design. 

Do you agree with Connie's assertion that the Instructional Design (ID) moniker has outlived its relevancy? Why or why not? What would you like to see ID called in the future? And how do you describe yourself today?

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Rick Henderson

I think it is partially irrelevant because every company has a different title for the position anyway in most cases. It also varies with the amount of design and development you do in your learning design I suppose. 

As an "elevator pitch" I came up with "I make things that teach people stuff." but I'm not sure what I'd call that. Learning Engineer? :)

The software programmers seemed to have stolen the term. Just because you can write code doesn't make you an engineer. There's like a ring and tests and stuff :)