Download PPT to E Learning Platform

Hello from one of the sunny Pacific Islands!

Totally new to this platform and wanting to change the way we learn by making one of our courses available to the rest of the islands.

We are slowly (as slow as our internet) moving from the traditional way of learning to a more modern and accessible way of learning.

How can i download our PPT to a suitable E-Learning Platform that can be accessible to everyone?

Thank you 

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Stephanie and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 Are you looking to make the PPT available for anyone to simply download? Or are you looking to convert your PowerPoint into something a bit more interactive?

If you're looking to turn your PPT into something more interactive, you might want to check out this tutorial on importing PowerPoint slides into Storyline 360.

If you'd like to keep your course more linear (i.e., not a lot of branching to other slides, etc.) then you might want to check out this series of tutorials on Getting Started with Presenter 360.

Hope this gets you pointed in the right direction! Feel free to give us a shout here if you need more help.