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Oct 31, 2011


Does anyone have or know of articles that talk about e-leaning being a better approach that more traditional training/learning methods?  I am putting together a justification to hire a full time Articulate/LMS person and our organization requires a $$ based cost analysis.  I can do the money part OK.  I am looking for expert opinions or examples were other companies were able to show measurable improvements using e-learning based training/learning.  So instead of my opinion of the savings....I want to refer to expert testimony or real life examples of measurable savings.

Any help with be appreciated.



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Kristen Hull
Bob S

Welcome Doug,

You might want to look at compliance rates for as well as effectiveness. My personal experience is that many stakeholders can be swayed with a fact-based arguement around penetration rate/compliance. For example...

"With the existing stand-up training, 72% of those that should attend the training actually attend; and there are limited opportunities for those that miss the event to make-up the missed training. With our online offerings, that number is 94%. The reasons for that increased compliance include ease-of-access for the learners, real-time reporting for management, and the opportunity to make-up the training for those that were on leave or remiss the first time around."

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