E-Learning Job Title

Hey Heroes,

I have the opportunity to choose a new position title for myself and I'm having trouble deciding between "E-Learning Manager" or "Learning Technologies Manager" or the great title you come up with. 

I spend all of my time designing and developing e-learning courses and administering Moodle (LMS) so I thought e-learning or learning technologies would be appropriate to have in the title.  What do you think?

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Tim Slade

Hi Joe,

Your very lucky to make this decision. Honestly, you have a great opportunity here. In being able to pick your own position title, I'd suggest how it will make you look/sound when it's on a resume. I think we’ve all been in position where our title didn’t really match what it is that we did/do. You never know what the future holds and you'll want to take advantage of every opportunity to make yourself look good!

I do similar work (eLearning stuff along with LMS administration)....my "formal" title is: Senior Staff Develop Program Specialist - Lead Worker....not very eloquent ...

So I call myself: "Project Manager - eLearning Design & Implementation." Although it's not my official title, other are able to better understand what it is that I actually do.

Good luck!