E-learning projects estimated budget

Hi Everyone

I was wondering how do you do the estimation for developing a course from scratch with let say 10 lessons approx. How many hours for all activities rate per hour for deliverables, time estimated for validation process, etc. My business is in Canada / Montreal region.

If you have any link that explain all that,  it is fine!

Thanks/ Merci !


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Phil Mayor

There is a huge thread on here somewhere about this.

It is really an individual thing, taking into account the costs of development in time and resources, your needs of remuneration including taxes. As well as the unknown value that the client assigns to the course.

I would look more at the value you offer and what that is worth rather than a pure cost basis.

Richard Mulcahy

One approach I take is how many slides in a lesson, then the level of complexity required (Low, Medium or High). For example, are there a lot of interactions required by the Learner? Videos, audios, graphic elements, and/or special animations? Are you building from existing content or developing from scratch? Developing a slide template or using an existing one. I'm sure their more, but these come to mind.