ELC 286 - Persuasion

Jun 22, 2020

This week the challenge was to share an information-based demo or interaction to persuade learners to consider donating blood.  This week’s challenge was more about using e-learning to persuade and encourage action.

Techniques I used in the challenge included transitions, SFX, animations, and using the "format", "fragment" function in PowerPoint to turn words into individual photo letters. (https://training.articulate.com/webinars/design-your-own-e-learning-graphics-in-powerpoint#t=359)

Here is a link to my entry:  https://360.articulate.com/review/content/c4bf27f6-acf2-4b57-8df7-603e270e36fd/review

Here is a blog post about how it was created: https://baerconsulting.wixsite.com/elearning/post/elc-286-using-persuasive-techniques-in-e-learning


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