ELC 291 - Using Checklists - Spy School - Chapter 2

Jul 30, 2020

This e-Learning Challenge was about using interactive checklists in e-Learning.

Spy School is Back in Session!

Join our protagonist in Chapter 2 as he checks items off his list while trying to get to the dead drop.

This episode begins with the opportunity to begin again at Chapter 1 or continue forward. Chapter 1 was about ciphers , codes and secrets. Chapter 2 is about disguise and concealment.

Will you succeed at getting safely to the dead drop.

Turn up your audio and enjoy!

DEMO: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/e929f0eb-e702-45c4-b8d7-51624d49bddf/review

BLOG: Coming soon!

Developing this in Storyline and editing graphics in PowerPoint, borrowed some sound effects from Freesound.org.  Most of the images were modified from the Content Library.  Over 200 images were used.

One of the most challenging parts was finding creative ways to 'dress' or protagonist and provide disguise options.  Then the protagonist had to remain in that disguise for future screens.  Lots of manual editing and use of remove background in PowerPoint.

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