Emotionally difficult subjects in online learning?

Feb 18, 2022

Hi all,
In our organisation we're currently working on adapting learning materials on loss and bereavement to be delivered as an online course. There're many concerns that such emotional subjects may not be suitable for online delivery as learners may need some hand holding or emotional support. 
I'm hoping that somebody here will be able to singpost me to some evidence or research done in this area or perhaps share their experience of creating online learning on such sensitive topics.
Any guidance will be much appreciated. 
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Aleyah Finley


I have been in e-learning scenarios that centered on heavy subject matter. Operating with a clear trajectory, and leaving room for people to voice their feelings is optimal. Often, it can feel intimidating to articulate a level of empathy in an online format. Here's a link to a guide for your review on this matter, and I hope it helps!