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Nov 12, 2011

Hi everyone!

I don't have the tech background and I think my presentations could be designed better.  I am creating presentations for sales and customers for the LMS and iPad forums.  I know that the skills will come with time and experience, but wondered if anyone had any suggestions on books or programs to check out to speed up my curve?

I discovered a couple inexpensive classes at the local community adult education.   I can take any or all of the following at a reasonable cost  - 1. Intro to Graphic Design, 2. Adobe Illustrator 3. Photoshop. 

Any other ideas - besides reading every thread of the Articulate forum pages   ??

Any other ideas? 

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Steve Flowers

You may have already seen these. But here's where I'd start:

And while not directly related to presentations, Universal Principles of Design is one of my favorites for explaining design principles. It's a bargain book at the moment ($12).

Steve Flowers

For training, you might want to try getting a half or full-day workshop on a focused topic to kickstart your learning. Then moving to online resources to acquire basic and intermediate skills. In my experience, you'll only get a basic level of exposure from college courses (maybe it's the instructors I've had). These courses aren't terrible, but you might learn far faster on your own.

These are great resources for learning things like Photoshop online. In addition to working through the tasks in Photoshop or another tool, these often expose peripheral behaviors that can help you in situations outside of the tool (a layout / composition decision is a layout / composition decision - in Photoshop, Powerpoint, in a camera lens, on a giant sheet of paper, or whatever tool you might be using):

There are several magazines available that offer constant streams of enrichment (neat reading and entertaining as well):

Steve Flowers

This is a pretty neat list of resources. 60+ educational resources to teach yourself anything.

I spent a little time digging into these resources and there are some relevant trail heads in that sea of links. A little digging turned up this set of handouts and slides from the University of Edinburgh. A couple of relevant topics (and a few not-so relevant) in that set. This one from University of Notre Dame might also hide some gems in the course materials. This one from MIT Open Courseware as well as this one that focuses on brain and cognitive sciences both look like treasure troves of free goodness. Utah state offers small assortment of Instructional Technology Courses in their open courseware section.

While not completely relevant, I think this is a dynamite way to learn the basics of programming Javascript.

Amy E

Hey Katie. It might be a good idea to read this paper on creating presentations with Prezi. It's a great website and it's really easy to use. I'm not that tech savvy either, but I was able to crate some quality presentations really quickly. If that doesn't help and you'd still like to consider taking a class to help, check out my website, adulteducationclasses.org. You might even be able to find an online class that will help. Good luck!

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