Favorite methods of interactivity

I'm working on prototyping some different ways we can make our lessons more interactive and engaging for the student. We already use a lot of Engage interactions, but this time we're looking for something a little different to spice things up a bit. Let me also note that in this case, we're not looking to build any scenarios (those are being utilized in a different area of the curriculum). This is purely the meat and potatoes of learning key terms.

Currently I've been creating image hot spots with pop-ups using branching and master slides, similar to this:

I'd love to hear what other creative ideas you utilize to present this type of information??? 

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David Anderson

Great question, Kristin.  The labeled graphic/marker interaction is one of the most popular ways for highlighting specific areas of an image or video.

Here are a few examples I like. While they were created in Flash or html5, there's no reason we couldn't recreate them in Studio:

Kristin Savko

We are working on business modules. Specifically starting with management and marketing (product packaging and product life cycle/ difference between consumers and customers). We do have a scenario portion as well, but right we also have a lot of key terms to work the learner though outside of the scenarios. 

The content is for students in middle school/ high school, so we require them to go though all the content. I am intending however, that they can navigate though the content without having to use the forward and back buttons, but instead looping through branching slides.