Feedback needed on building a storyboard

Sep 11, 2015

Hello everyone,

I am currently building the storyboards for an elearning module on navigation of systems.

Attached is a sample storyboard built for a prototype. The design will contain screen shot demos which right now are replaced by static system screen.

May I please have your expert eyes for review the same and giving me some feedback on how to better this.

Thanks in advance.





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Patti Bryant

Hi Ze!

This looks like a great start! While there's many ways to create a storyboard, it's nice that yours has visuals, which shows a quick at-a-glance view of the course flow. 

Who is this storyboard for - clients, eLearning Developer, etc? For me, that dictates what is included in it and how it flows. Will this include narration? If so, is that the on-screen text and it will be removed? 

Also, it is confusing that sometimes you click the 'forward' button to continue and sometimes you click the 'back' button to continue. I wonder if there could just be a continue or forward button, to keep things consistent.

I'm not sure exactly what type of feedback you're looking for, so it's hard to provide more than this. If you can let me know who the audience for this is and what you'd like to know, I'm happy to provide more feedback.

Keepin' the joy,

Ze Shah

Hello Patti,


Thanks heaps for reviewing my work and giving me some constructive feedback. To quickly answer your question, this storyboard is for an elearning developer to build a prototype using Storyline. Yet, it ill contain system screen demos which I had not inserted yet in the presentation.

But the animations would provide him a guide to what needs to be done in terms to making the course interactive.

Secondly the slides with no page numbers are actually those slides which needs to be lighboxed. eg. when a learner clicks on page 3 it should take him to the lighboxed slide and clicking on the back button should bring him back to page 3.

What I am looking for in terms of feedback is that is there a better way to storyboard this.

Hope this helps to clear the confusion a bit :)



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