Feedback - Unlock the Secrets of Accessible E-Learning

May 23, 2023

I just attended the webinar on Unlock the Secrets of Accessible E-Learning. I'm very frustrated and disappointed. I've attended many Articulate webinars that have been excellent... this webinar... not so much. The content was good. It's hard to cover a subject like this in just an hour. The issue was that the presenter's shared screen was very blurry - pixelated. I simply could not read it. I and others brought it up in the Q&A window, but to no avail. It's almost ironic that a webinar on accessibility was virtually impossible to see (read) on the screen. I tried two different browsers and stopped and started again... but no joy. David also kept referring to "post in the chat window..." There was no chat window available in my Zoom feed in either browser. I have the current version of Zoom, so not sure what the issue was. I've used the chat window in other zoom webinars, but today it was not there.

I'm looking forward to the recording in the hope that the shared screen might be clearer. Otherwise, I hope that all the links and resources will be available somewhere where I can see them to write them down or link to them.

Hopefully future webinars will not have these issues. I really appreciate the Articulate webinars, and generally love the content and delivery, but today was quite disappointing.

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David Anderson

Hey Russ -

Thanks for attending yesterday's session and your feedback on the streaming quality. First, I'm really sorry your streaming experience wasn't what you expected. We regularly use Zoom for larger events like yesterday's accessibility session, and thankfully, most attendees didn't report the same issue. Second, I was glad you'd attended other sessions and didn't experience streaming issues. Thank you for sharing that.

And what was the chat issue? Once again, that was on me. Evidently, we shut down the chat because we had over 13,000 registrants. However, the chat was open for moderators to communicate internally during the session.

We recorded yesterday's session and verified the quality; it has no fuzziness or pixelation. I only wish I could say the same about my "umms" and "uhhs," but that's for another chat.

Once again, I'm really sorry for your webinar experience yesterday. 

Iain Grayson

I also tried to attend the webinar on Unlock the Secrets of Accessible E-Learning. What a lot of wasted effort it turned out to be. I've attended Articulate webinars in the past that have been excellent. The issue was that the presenter's shared screen was very blurry and pixelated. Both myself and other attendees mentioned it in the Q&A window, without any improvement. In the end I dropped off as it was clear the webinar wasn't working. I do hope the recording is OK.