Fillin the blank in Rise

Jan 11, 2018

Hi! I have the trial version so I can decide whether I buy Articulate or not. Since I use a Chromebook I will work with Rise only.

1. I just cannot find the fill in the blank type of questions. 

2. Flashcards come only in stack and grid, I watched some videos where I could drag and drop some cards.

3. If I only will be able to work with Rise I find the interactive exercises limited, how can I create more giving my circumstances? Thanks!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Diego,

Welcome to the community!

1. I did a short video with Peek to show you how to find the fill in the blank questions. Click here to view it.

2. It sounds like you're talking about the Sorting Activity (see screenshot).

3. What kinds of exercises are you looking for that you're not finding in Rise? We're constantly adding new features, so it'd be great to have your feedback on what's missing.

I hope that's helpful! If you have any more questions, let me know! :)

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