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Dec 05, 2014

Sorry to start one of these discussions off again, as I know there's several in this forum somewhere.

I'm currently looking for an LMS for a small training organisation, to sell courses, in particular a large technical certification course (6 months+ duration), to host in the cloud probably (as not enough resource here to do IT support as well as create materials). It needs to look businesslike, modern and be quite visual and cope with a lot of content and have the ability to structure/organise it ideally in more than just a basic module/item list. I'd like to be able to link/reference between sections of the course, to a glossary and have search/indexing. Layout templates would be good too. Most seem to happily take Storyline output which I also need of course.

I'm completely new to LMSs and am struggling initially with getting my head around content creation/assembly & layout inside them....

It seems like all those I looked at have a basic wysiwyg HTML (wordpress type) editor, that means page by page creation, (& horrible old fashioned code) but they have no ability to link between those pages so are just a collection of isolated web pages in a list. It's hard even to create code outside these programmes with no directory file structure to do links with. 

So I guess what I'd like is the ability to put a website structure, which we could have some reasonable control of, inside an LMS wrapper which has all the good LMS features like tracking, assessments, forums etc. Is there a product out there that allows that at all?​

I had thought I might be able to use a web help type format​ which would give me the TOC structure and indexing and just upload it and put assessments and SCORM additions around it.​

Many thanks in advance for any advice

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Caroline Lawless

Hi Sarah,

You've taken a step in the right direction by signing up to a free trial of LearnUpon :)

All of the requirements you've mentioned above can be easily setup using LearnUpon. If you'd like to arrange a demo so we can walk you through the system focusing on the features relevant to you please email Caoimhín at



Digital Marketer @LearnUpon

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