FREE 22 Original Stick Figures

Aug 16, 2012

Hi Folks - 

I've been using more hand-drawn assets in my courses recently.

I decided to try a few of my own.  I refer to them only as "stick figures"... "art", I feel, might be misleading.

In any case, this community (and its Staff ) have been so incredibly gracious and generous, that I thought - at the risk of embarrassing myself - that I would post these here in case anyone else might find some rough sketches to be of any use.

If the .zip file doesn't work, let me know and I'll try to re-package them tomorrow.

Best wishes,


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Steve Flowers

This is a really nice idea, Randy. I love the practice of visual note taking and simple representations. The humanistic and unassuming quality of hand drawn figures and scenes is really powerful. It strips away detail to communicate the soul of an idea without all of the cognitive baggage. LOVE IT.

I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Dave Gray and Liz Burow (a couple of masters of visual thinking) earlier this year. It was AWESOME. One of the cool things they conveyed is that it visual thinking / drawing isn't a game of perfection. Expressive messages make the trip and form the visual phrase, as demonstrated by your donations above.

One of the cool tricks Liz talked about was developing a signature style so that many of your representations flow automatically and reflexively. I think this is such an awesome trick. To practice drawing a person so that it's as natural as any other character in your communication repertoire.  I used inklet on my macbook air to sketch these with a cheap stylus on my trackpad.  Through quick experimentation, I found a couple of prospects that I can replicate easily, just like any letter in my handwriting. Love this trick. The idea is to reduce the number of strokes to a simple flowing set. Dave Gray draws the head last. I'm split and not sure which works better for me

This is a really great presentation Liz gave awhile back. Some real gems.

I recently subscribed to Dan Roam's Napkinacademy (Back of the Napkin Author). This is a great value to me. Lots of really nice tips at a nice pace. 

Sunni Brown offers some great resources here: