Free Articulate Storyline 2 Multiple Choice Template

hi guys, here is a multiple choice quiz template that you can download for your project. Very easy to customise, but you need to understand how variables work. I have provided some basic instructions around how this is built. Hope these helps!

1)First screen

Static screen with basic trigger to jump to next screen.

2)Second screen

Most events happened on this screen:
a) I have added motion animation so the character icon moved to the destination when the destination icon is clicked.
b) Once the animation is finished, the multiple choice question appeared.
c) The hidden correct/incorrect icons appeared depending if the questions were answered correctly.
d) The destination icons then became inactive once the questions were attempted.
e) Once all the questions were attempted, click the navigation button to go to the result screen.

3) Question screen

When the question is answered, a true/false variable is triggered which then disabled the destination icon (refer to point 2d).

4) Result screen


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