Free mailroom background

Aug 15, 2012

May be used as a mailroom or just change the sign for another use.

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Kevin Hart



All done in powerpoint.

I built the mailboxes first using the 3D perspective tool.  And then built the room around those.  I used the perspective from the mailboxes to basically eyeball the rest of the shapes to get the 3D look.  The only other objects that used the 3D tool are the countertop edges, the cabinet doors and handles.  The rest was all about layers, gradient fills, and shadows. 

Attached the ppt file.

El Burgaluva

Hi, Kevin

This is a nice piece of work. I appreciate your sharing it with us. Thank you!

I'm curious...

You said "I built the mailboxes first using the 3D perspective tool."

I'm not sure what you mean by this. I've been noodling around recently with ways to make this process of creating scenes both accurate (in terms of perspective and proportion) and simple.

Any chance of a Screenr to show us how that works? =)


Kevin Hart

I would love to do a screenr!  But it won't be a "screenr."  Security settings on our system won't let me use that technology.  *But* I can make a video and post it to youtube. 

It may be later this week.  We're busy trying to finish up a program that contains said mailroom, work out the kinks and get it beta tested. 


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