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Aug 15, 2012

I'm attaching a backgound I've created.  But wondering if there is a place on this website that is specifically for member sharing of powerpoint/storyline assests? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Thanks Kevin! That looks great! And you did the right thing by posting here in the forums... one of the things we'd like to do in the future is create a place where folks in the Community can upload and share their own assets & resources, but for now posting in the forums is the best way to go.

I like your art! How did you create it? How are you using it? Is it part of a course you've built?

Kevin Hart

Thanks, Jeanette!

That would be a great addition to this site if there were a single point of access for user created content. 

This (and all of my art) was created in powerpoint.  I'm using it in a course about office safety.  One iteration it's used to select the appropriate items to take with you in an evacuation and another iteration about where you should be during an earthquake. 

Obviously, there are LOTS of options for how you could use this background.  I use the white board for instructions on the page. 

Kevin Hart

Hey all.  I can't believe this background is still getting responses!  I'm flattered. 

I've included the PPT slide here so you can take things out as you'd like.  Fair Warning: there are LOTS of tiny little pieces in this slide.  Everything is grouped.  But there are TONS of groupings. 

The final slide had more things on the desk but they were items I "borrowed" from other sources.  All that's included here are my own creations. 

Fun Side Note- for the flinal Storyline version of this slide, I created a tiny little lightswitch to go by the door.  When the user clicked it, the screen went black... except for the switch.  Was a fun little "hidden Mickey." 


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