Free Tools To Create Media for elearning

Nov 17, 2011

I sat in on a web session the other day by Rapid intake and they provided 16 free tools to create media in elearning.  I wanted to pass them on to everyone. 

Video production

jaycut free online video editor

Videospine free desktop video editor

Video conversion

Any Video converter  free desktop video converter

Audio Production

Audacity free desktop audio editor

Aviary myna free online audio editor

aviary roc free online audio creator

Image editor

Gimp free desktop image editor

Aviary phoenix free online image editor

Image cpture

jing free desktop image /video capture

aviary screen capture free online image capture

Flash Animation

Vectorian free flash animation

3d creation suite


Vector images

inkscape free desktop vecor image editor

aviary raven free online vector image editor


Free color theme picker

Please continue to add free software to this list. 

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Steve Flowers

Great list. I'd add this one to the video editors:


This tool has been used by some high end folks (Martin Scorsese's Hugo, The King's Speech, Hanna), so it's got horsepower. It may be a bit outside of the ease of use curve, YMMV. I haven't tested it yet, but likely will for AVCHD import and editing. Excited to see a capable NLE at this price point.

Dale Hargis

Tom put together a great blog post on this:

My personal new favorite find has been Levelator (

You drag and drop your audio files and it just makes everything the same level. 

I recently worked on a video project where the client-provided video I needed to edit was just all over the place for audio.  I cut the video segments together, exported the entire audio track, ran it through Levelator, then imported the new audio track and it was perfect.  Great find!

Dale Hargis

Kelly Meeker

I've got a few more!

Melissa Venable did a great blog post for us collecting tools for IDs (both free/opensource and commercial):

Also, Jane Hart just released her list of the Top 100 Learning Tools for 2011:

Great tools on both lists! 

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