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Oct 03, 2014

Hello gurus! I posted this back in May and we're gearing up again to get a group of developers we can work with, when necessary. So, just in case you haven't seen this and are interested, I'm posting again. If you already replied, you may be hearing from me soon if you haven't already.

I work in the Training Department at Chipotle and we're looking for a freelance Articulate Storyline designer. We're overloaded with creating incredibly interactive eLearning awesomeness and need someone who can take a storyboard and our design specs and build it into a fully functioning .story file. You can work from home and it's project based. 

For your own happiness, you MUST:

  • Be able to deliver on very tight timelines - we're not insane, but we do work at lightning speed
  • Be an Articulate Storyline guru - Not just intermediate skills - we use TONS of triggers and custom variables
  • Have an incredible eye for design and layout - Our courses aren't cookie cutter courses. We'll provide the storyboard, image assets, and design specs, but there will be tons of layout decisions throughout
  • Be incredibly independent - we'll provide the vision, storyboard, and assets - but you've got to be a kick ass eLearning designer and a creative problem solver

If you're interested in this, please send your portfolio via either PM or If you've got questions, send those, too. I've got answers!

Keepin' the joy,


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Brian E.W. McNulty

Actually I tried and it comes back as undeliverable. Not an attachment size issue. Thanks. Is there another email address I could forward you my information?

I tried my google account as well and it came back as undeliverable as well.

My information is:

Brian E.W. McNulty

onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Hi Patti,

Our company is known for developing creative solutions for Articulate courses;triggers and custom variables are our wheelhouse.

An advantage to hiring a us over a single developer is that you will have a team of talented developers working on your project.

You can contact me directly at



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