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Mark Brown

I always seem to have questions that I'm a little embarrassed to ask because I suspect the answer it obvious (to everyone but me).  I love this template. Visually it is perfect.  The navigation is EXACTLY what I want.  But, it's a template and I expect to be able to easily plug text in wherever I want and make simple changes to the CONTENT.  The buttons that say "Heading One" and "Subheadings below" don't allow me to change the heading or subheading.  Do I need to replace the button placeholder? When I "edit text" the text is on a different layer from the button image.  Do I need to replace the button?  If so, do I lose the properties?


Hi Mark,

Thank you for your question.

To change the text on the buttons, click the button so it's selected, next click on the States tab, click on Edit States and select the Normal column.  This is where you can make changes to the button labels.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you!

Mark Brown

Perfect.  Thanks so much.  I'm really impressed with the rapid, help that everyone in this community offers.  I will use this lovely template used over and over.  I can see the tabs helping students work through a unit I'm working on for the writing process, another on rhetorical analysis, and one on researching for essays.  Enabling students to work on only the individual parts of a larger unit as they feel the need is fantastic.