Gamification Demo built using Storyline 2

For the past few months I have been thinking about how to utilize some of the techniques of gamification in a course that I will be creating. I just recently completed a gamification video series on This got my brain flowing with ideas and I decided to build a demo.

To start with I created a few requirements that I wanted to have in my course:

  • a board game feel
  • Ability for learner to chose their character
  • Ability for learner to earn lives as they progress

Using Storyline 2 I was able to build a demo that included all of the requirements. Learners must progress through a map of the course. I was able to utilize the characters in Storyline to allow learners to select their character for the game. Motion paths allow the learner to think their character is moving across the map. Using state and variables I was able to develop a system for lives. In the final course learners must answer 10 quiz questions. For each question they get right they get a "life." To pass they need 8 lives. 

Here is a link to my demo:

Let me know what you think. 

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